[New Video Presentation & Audio Podcast] Don’t Give A Human A Robot’s Job!: 6 Reasons Why AI Will Save Us & Not Destroy Us In The Future Of Work.

The Converge III event titled ‘AI: Better Marketing Through Experiments’ was held on the 2nd February 2024 in Nairobi at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Hurlingham.

It featured a stellar line-up of marketers and technology experts who made presentations and had a discussion panel with impactful conversations, valuable insights, and connections with like-minded people who reshaped views on AI and how it influences marketing strategies.

During the same I made a presentation titled ‘Don’t make a human do a robot’s job!: 6 reasons why AI will save us and not destroy us in the future of work’. In the same, I shared the six reasons why Generative AI will save us as follows:

  1. Speed of Execution: Generative AI drastically reduces the time needed to complete tasks. It allows us to accomplish more in less time, redefining productivity and making time an even more valuable resource.
  2. Quality of Outputs: Generative AI has led to a noticeable improvement in the quality of work. Whether working individually or collaboratively, the output is often superior to traditional methods.
  3. Increased Productivity: The sheer volume of work achievable with generative AI is astonishing. It empowers individuals and businesses to achieve what was previously impossible, amplifying productivity.
  4. Reduced Costs: By incorporating generative AI, businesses and individuals can reduce operating costs. This cost-effectiveness leads to optimized profits and resource allocation.
  5. Improved Revenues: Generative AI can create new revenue streams and increase productivity. Understanding and leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT makes this possible scale.
  6. Easier Work: Generative AI has made complex and challenging tasks much easier. This opens up new possibilities, allowing people to engage in activities or produce outputs that were once out of reach.

I also shared the acronym I created recently for what I see as the key benefits of Generative AI being, ‘FESSBEC’, as follows:

  1. Get work done FASTER 
  2. Make work EASIER
  3. Work SMARTER
  4. Keep work SIMPLER 
  5. Create work That’s BeTTER 
  6. Get Work Done CHEAPER

This all becomes FESSBeC!

Watch The Video Presentation Below:

Listen To The Audio Podcast Below:

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