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Google’s Android to launch on T-Mobile

HTC Dream and AndroidAccording to Time Magazine, Google’s much touted mobile handset platform, Android, is set to have its first “go live” on the HTC Mobile “Dream” phone via the T-Mobile network on the 23rd September 2008. Android, which is an open source mobile platform has received lots of attention since the initiative began as its expected to offer a rich experience that is as good as that of Apple’s Iphone. Android betters the iPhone in certain key areas such as the ability to run multiple applications concurrently, cut and paste in email, an improved navigation system that merges images and maps, and a free applications marketplace for the platform. Google’s Android probably has a long way to go but certainly it should make the mobile applications space a little more interesting. The full story on Time Magazine is here.

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  1. Zed
    October 25, 2009 at 6:14 pm — Reply

    I know, a little to late to comment but as an android developer I am hoping the technology takes off in a big way with the community. In any case Barnes and Noble announced their Nook e-reader which is built on Android. Very exciting stuff. Motorolla is also promised to develop Android phones.

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