Lewis Hamilton’s appeal ruled inadmissible

Hmn. Just found out that the FIA’s International Court of Appeal has thrown out McLaren’s case against Lewis Hamilton’s recent Belgian Grand Prix penalty on the grounds that their appeal was inadmissible. This is really bad. They are using the rules to deal with a fact everyone watching the race saw – that Lewis Hamilton gave back the lead when he crossed the chicane, and then overtook Kimi Raikkonen fair and square at the next cornner. It was one of the best Formula One races I had seen in ages, and the last time was when Fernando Alonso was enroute to his first Formula One World Championship. However, according to, there is a scandal brewing already. According to FIA email correspondence, Tony Scott Andrews, a man held in high regard in Formula One circles, admitted to making “an inadvertent error” while he was chief steward at the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix. This has major implications for the FIA decision on Hamilton. The full story on the scandal is here but the FIA is seriously screwing up Hamilton’s chances of deservedly winning the 2008 World Championship!

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  1. julius mugambwa
    September 25, 2008 at 10:48 am — Reply

    who is the right person to blame over this scandal, and if it’s truly Hamilton, is the penalty fair?

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