[New Video & Audio Podcast] A Conversation with Kenya’s & East Africa’s ‘Godfather of Technology’, DX5 Founder & Chairman Harry Hare.

In this episode of the Pure Digital Passion podcast, I had a conversation with Harry Hare, Founder & Chairman of DX5 where we delved into his remarkable journey as a pillar in East Africa’s technology ecosystem. Recorded at the 15th edition of the CIO 100 Symposium & Awards a couple of weeks ago in Diani, Kenya, this podcast uncovers the resilience and visionary leadership of Harry, affectionately known as ‘the godfather of technology in Kenya and East Africa.

The Early Challenges.

Harry’s entrepreneurial spirit was tested early on. His first foray into the media business with publications like Microcomputer Guide and later PC World East Africa faced adversity due to Kenya’s political climate in the ’90s. Despite the challenges that led to the closure of these ventures, Harry’s unwavering resolve set the stage for future successes.

Founding CIO East Africa & DEMO Africa.

Undeterred, Harry founded CIO Africa, a leading IT publication that has been shaping the technology discourse in East Africa and the rest of the African Continent for over a decade. His role in establishing DEMO Africa further highlights his commitment to elevating African tech startups on the global stage.

The Birth of DX5.

Harry’s latest venture, DX5, symbolizes a new era in digital transformation in Africa. This innovative platform, emerging from the merger of CIO Africa and The Rebel Element, is focused on connecting and transforming the digital landscape across the continent.

Influencing Policy and the Technology Landscape.

Beyond entrepreneurship, Harry’s work includes significant contributions to E-Government strategies with East African governments. His involvement in setting up the East African eGovernment Working Group and developing the East African eGovernment Framework showcases his deep understanding of the region’s ICT needs.

A Legacy of Innovation and Empowerment.

Harry Hare’s journey is more than a story of technological innovation; it’s a testament to the power of resilience, vision, and leadership in shaping the future of technology in Kenya, East Africa, and beyond. His influence, spanning decades, continues to inspire and drive change across the continent.


Join us in this insightful episode as we explore Harry Hare’s entrepreneurial spirit, his triumphs over adversity, and his enduring impact on Kenya’s and East Africa’s technology landscape. His story, filled with lessons and inspirations, is priceless for aspiring technology leaders and entrepreneurs. Watch or listen to the podcast to dive deeper into the life and achievements of Harry Hare, a true technology visionary in East Africa.

Watch The Podcast Below:

Listen To The Audio Podcast Below:

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