[New Video & Audio Podcast] A Conversation with Fika Mobility’s Rishi Kohli On Electrifying Boda Boda Transportation In Kenya.

In this recent electrifying episode of the Pure Digital Passion podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Rishi Kohli, the dynamic CEO and co-founder of Fika Mobility. Through an insightful dialogue, we uncovered Fika’s grand vision to drive sustainability, efficiency, and accessibility in Kenya’s bustling Boda Boda sector through innovative electric motorcycles.

The Genesis of Fika Mobility

Everything starts with inspiration, and for Rishi, it was the urge to make a significant positive impact on people’s lives. Fika Mobility, born out of over three years of meticulous market study, aims to offer Boda Boda riders an economically viable energy platform, significantly contributing to the proliferation of electric vehicles in Kenya and across the African continent.

Crafting the Electric Motorcycle

Fika Mobility isn’t merely introducing electric motorcycles; it’s unveiling a new wave of intelligent commuting solutions. With a lithium-ion battery powering the initial model, riders enjoyed an impressive range of around 100 kilometers. The upcoming iteration promises to be leaner, equipped with a bigger battery pack, and is designed based on invaluable insights gained from the initial pilot program.

The Battery Swap Model

Understanding that time is a precious commodity for riders, Fika Mobility implemented an innovative battery-swapping model. It significantly reduces the downtime associated with standard charging, which usually takes 4 to 6 hours. With strategically located swapping stations, riders can effortlessly exchange their depleted batteries for fully charged ones in a matter of minutes, ensuring they are always on the go.

Economically Sound Solution

In a market where cost is king, Fika’s electric motorcycles are poised to be game-changers. With an affordable price, they align closely with the most popular petrol-powered motorcycles in Kenya. The real magic unfolds in the operating costs, where riders can anticipate savings of as much as 60% compared to traditional petrol motorcycles, according to Fika Mobility’s thorough analysis.

Financing Plans & Real-Time Tracking

Tailoring to the varied needs of riders, Fika Mobility has a suite of financing plans from various microfinance providers in the market, making the adoption of their electric motorcycles even more accessible. Furthermore, the integration of GPS technology into the batteries allows for real-time tracking and monitoring, enhancing the ownership and riding experience substantially.


As we wrapped up our illuminating session with Rishi Kohli, it was evident that Fika Mobility is not just an electric mobility company; it’s a movement, a vision, and a commitment to driving change on the roads of Kenya. With a deep understanding of the market, an unyielding commitment to innovation, and a firm eye on sustainability, Fika Mobility is indeed paving the way for an electric motorcycle revolution in Africa’s transport sector.

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