[New Video & Audio Podcast] EdTech Mondays Kenya September 2023 Edition: Enhancing Digital Literacy For Marginalised Communities In Kenya.

In September 2023 we had a special edition of Edtech Mondays Kenya that saw us travel to the expansive terrains of Kajiado County where we witnessed how digital literacy is being made possible amidst its arid landscapes, and vibrant Maasai culture.

About Kajiado County

Kajiado, a sprawling county of over 21,000 km squared, is home to over 1.1 million Kenyans who are predominantly from the Maasai community. In this semi-arid region where pastoralism is a way of life, and wealth is often counted in cattle and children, we discovered an amazing organization that brings hope and innovation in education for learners at primary and secondary school levels.

Innovations at PICO (Pastoralists Integrated Concerns)

In Kajiado, introducing digital solutions is no small feat, given the challenges with electricity and internet connectivity. Here, I posed a critical question: How does one implement digital literacy as a core competence under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) in such remote areas? The answer lay in the ingenious interventions by PICO.

Harryzon, with a radio and flash disk in hand, illustrated and explained the workings of PICO’s Radio Class Program. He highlighted the importance of documenting indigenous knowledge and introducing digital devices to learners. The radio classes, conducted by Calistus, weren’t just theoretical; we observed an actual class in session with engaged learners absorbing the knowledge being shared.

Olkiramatian Primary School’s Leap Towards Digital Literacy

At Olkiramatian Primary School, Calistus shared his observations on the program’s impact on learners, noting increased engagement and participation. When asked about his experience with more engaged learners, Calistus expressed a sense of satisfaction and achievement through innovation and creativity.

The school’s headteacher, Mrs. Mwende, shared insights on garnering support from both teachers and parents for these digital initiatives. Through strategic buy-in, the school has successfully implemented tools that not only facilitate curriculum learning but also enhance digital literacy, even in marginalized areas.

Empowerment At Oldonyonyokie Girls Secondary School

Our journey then led us to Oldonyonyokie Girls Secondary School. Here, PICO has deployed interventions specifically designed for secondary school students. Through innovative digital devices, girls in the school have found joy and engagement in learning, even in subjects like Mathematics.

The school’s headteacher, Mrs. Grace, shared insights on the introduction of digital tools like Mwalimu Digital and their positive impact on learning. She observed notable changes in the girls’ attitudes towards STEM subjects since incorporating these digital tools, highlighting the success and importance of integrating such technology into their educational environment.

A Digital Literacy Revolution In Kajiado

Looking back, it’s inspiring to see how, through creativity, innovation, and commitment, digital literacy is blossoming even in the most unlikely places. This journey showcased the unyielding efforts of organizations like PICO, educators, and the community at large.

For an immersive experience of this enlightening journey, watch the full video and tune into the podcast of this particular edition of EdTech Mondays Kenya below:

Watch The Video:

Listen To The Audio Podcast:

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