3 Things I Love About Twitter Blue But None Have Anything To Do With Having A Blue Tick! (Or Elon Musk!).

I’ve been a subscriber on Twitter Blue for around a month since it’s my nature to be curious about all things new and shiny when it comes to my work as a digital marketing practitioner. However, let me emphasize that this has absolutely nothing to do with Elon Musk buying Twitter and shaking things up there to create a completely needless SNAFU. I’m also NOT an Elon Musk fanboi and have been incessantly vocal on social media as to the many questionable actions he has taken at Twitter that have decimated its valuation and revenues. 

So, back to the matter at hand, Twitter Blue. I signed up online for US$ 8.00 per month which was a relatively fast and painless process. The much coveted Twitter ‘blue tick’ by narcissistic Twitterati was applied a few days later and had no impact whatsoever on my ego or social standing. To me, it may as well have been me simply adding a website address to my Twitter profile. I do not suffer fools gladly! 

So, the first thing I am enjoying immensely on Twitter Blue is my ability to edit tweets after I had posted them. This is a feature akin to getting a gift you never knew you wanted until it was given to you, like manna from proverbial heaven! I can’t tell you how often I find typos after posting tweets and previously knew it was a done-and-dusted deal unless I deleted it and posted afresh. I no longer suffer this affliction on Twitter and it has become indispensable to someone like me who is obsessed with being grammatically correct. 

The second thing I am loving about Twitter Blue is the ability to write long-form posts, just like this one, without having to resort to the clunky process of doing a tweet thread or storm. Twitter Blue lets you write up to 10,000 characters in a single post and you can even embed up to 2-hour-long videos natively with a maximum size of 8GB. This is mind-boggling for a long-term Twitter user like me as it completely breaks all my previous notions of what is possible on Twitter from a content perspective. Up until this point, I had always known I would need to place outbound links on my Tweets to my blog or YouTube account for long-form content so this really does up the ante as to what is possible and I am still grappling with remembering that it’s a whole new Twitter world on this basis! 

The third and last thing I am loving about Twitter Blue is the improved organic reach of my content. I am now convinced that your Tweets get much more visibility from an algorithmic perspective when you are a Twitter Blue subscriber. How can I prove this from a data-driven perspective? Have a look at the screen grab of the analytics of the below tweet that I posted a couple of days ago that has gone completely viral. Yes, I could take credit in that the content seems to have resonated well based on the insights shared but it had absolutely no right to perform this well in terms of reach and engagement. This is completely unprecedented for me and my best-performing Tweet, ever! 

So, there you have it, my three reasons for loving Twitter Blue that have absolutely nothing to do with having a blue tick as a ‘flex’ as the youngsters say these days! 🙂 If you want to get the most out of your Twitter account do give it a spin and get as hooked on to it as I am given that it’s much cheaper than buying Twitter Ads to get your tweets to perform better. Finally, again, let me reiterate that all this has absolutely nothing to do with Elon Musk! 

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