6 Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Benefits From Platforms Like ChatGPT That Can Transform Your Work & Life.

Generative artificial intelligence or generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence system capable of generating text, images, or other media in response to prompts. Probably the best-known generative AI at this time on a global basis is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT was launched at the end of November 2022 and quickly became talked about as the most transformative technology development in decades. ChatGPT ignited everyone’s imagination as a generative AI that opened up potentially unlimited possibilities for our work and lives.

I have been an avid user of ChatGPT since it launched and a few months ago I even became a paid subscriber as I wanted to use the latest and most powerful version of ChatGPT. The fact that I pay for ChatGPT is a clear testament that it’s not something I dabble in for fun and games, ChatGPT has become essential to my work and life!

As I started using ChatGPT as a daily driver, it dawned on me I should do this post as a way of unpacking the key benefits of generative AI for all of us. As I see it, generative AI is on the order of the Internet itself in terms of disrupting the status quo. So, here are my 6 benefits of generative AI that are transforming our lives and work, at scale:


Generative AI gives you more time. What I mean is that things you need to do can be done much faster than if you did them in a conventional and much more time-consuming manner. This idea that generative AI makes you operate much faster also means that you can do more work in a shorter period of time. Think about that for a second – do the same stuff in much less time! This is radical whichever way you look at it. Generative Ai gives you back more time when time is the ultimate resource we have.


One of the things I have noticed about using ChatGPT is that the quality of your work improves exponentially when you know how to use it. I have run a sequence of prompts to generate key outputs and the final results are often much better than what I had done in the past on my own or with a team. The idea that the quality of your work can be far superior to what you would have done without generative AI is mind-blowing to me.


The other thing I have seen using ChatGPT is the sheer volume of work you can get done. You can literally see a 10X jump in your productivity for the same amount of time. You become a modern-day superhero who does what would normally be humanly impossible! I know of businesses in Kenya where that decided not to hire more employees but instead equipped the existing ones with ChatGPT to get more productivity at the same remuneration. This is potent stuff!


Another thing I have noticed when using ChatGPT is that work gets easier. What this means is rather than you having to break your back to get work done you can use it to make it so much easier! Some may argue that generative AI is making us dumber by removing the effort normally needed for exceptional work. However, the bottom line is it actually works and means people can do things that were previously really hard or impossible for them to do quite easily.


Generative AI has another major offset which is the cost of getting things done. In the past, you have hired someone or outsourced work to other parties to get work done. Generative AI can eliminate this need in relevant scenarios which means you can reduce your operating costs. Naturally, if costs can be optimized then this means profit margins can be improved. These are the basics of good business or work!


The final key benefit that can be achieved via generative AI is increased revenues. Simply put, if you know how to use a tool like ChatGPT well then you can create entirely new and/or optimized revenue streams that may not have been possible before. What this means is more money in your pocket or bank account. I don’t think anyone can argue with that. More AI is more money, not problems!

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