Linkedin Kenya User Demographics Circa November 2014

Last week I blogged here about Facebook’s user demographics for Kenya as of November 2014. The data was quite insightful as it gave a sense of ‘who’ exactly Facebook’s users in Kenya are using criteria such as age and gender. This prompted me to do the same for Linkedin this week which has just over 1 million users in Kenya, making it smaller than Facebook or YouTube but potentially(?) bigger than Twitter when it comes to Kenyan social media which is a bit of a surprise.

However, one caveat with this data (which I extracted using the Linkedin Ads Campaign Planner) is that even though the overall number of Linkedin users in Kenya is around 1 million it does not seem to tally when broken down by age and gender as I have done here. I am not sure why this is the case exactly but ultimately it does give some valuable insights on ‘who’ Linkedin’s users in Kenya are as per the table below:

Linkedin Kenya User Demographics: November 2014No. Of Users
Total Users1,052,016
Total Female Users284,087
Total Male Users500,859
18-24 YearsNo. Of Users
All Users182,743
Female Users50,542
Male Users84,252
25-35 YearsNo. Of Users
All Users99,921
Female Users28,047
Male Users49,452
35-54 YearsNo. Of Users
All Users39,029
Female Users8,609
Male Users22,337
55+ YearsNo. Of Users
All Users4,289
Female Users<1,000
Male Users2,754
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