Spoiler reveals Airtel Re-brand of Zain Africa has started.

Thanks to a heads up from Mark Kaigwa who let out the spoiler on Twitter today, looks like we can finally figure out who has been running the “incognito” and very visible campaign that asks “What does freedom mean to you?” in a major advertising campaign on TV and Print media in Kenya. The URL (and phrase) for the campaign is http://www.letsfeelfree.com which actually sounds quite Kenyan if you ask me clearly points to a correlation between news from Indiamag.in and Letsfeelfree.com from.

To illustrate, here is the what is expected to be the new Airtel logo which is to be unveiled globally across all its operations including the recently acquired Zain Africa:


And here is a more or less full screen grab at what you can find on http://www.letsfeelfree.com

And finally, on closer inspection, you can see that the logo on the sofa is actually the same one.

So, there you have it! This is what the new global corporate identity for Airtel and soon Zain Africa will look like from next week.

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