Unpacking Lewis Hamilton’s Shocking Move To Ferrari From 2025 & Beyond.

It’s official. Lewis Hamilton is joining Ferrari in 2025 on a multi-year deal from Mercedes where he won a total of 6 F1 Drivers Championships. It seems just as unreal as when he decided to leave McLaren in 2012 to join Mercedes in the 2013 season.

The reality is that Lewis is an F1 driver who expects to win championships. That’s why he left McLaren for Mercedes. The last 2 years have been a living hell for someone like him who relishes nothing more than the top step of the podium. Lewis has not won a single race in over 2 years since the controversial 2021 season where he lost out on an 8th F1 driver’s championship under dubious circumstances.

It seems like it’s been a downward spiral for Mercedes ever since as they struggled to build a competitive ground effects car. One thing I recall from Lewis’ departure from McLaren for Mercedes is that they courted him and showed him how they intended to be competitive at the sharp end of the grid when the new regulations went into effect in 2014.

No less than the F1 legend Niki Lauda was charged with securing Lewis’ signature and he did so very effectively. Lewis has been at Mercedes for 11 years and what a brilliant partnership it’s been. The team has won 8 F1 championships if you include the one they got as Brawn GP before being acquired by Mercedes. Mercedes’ unbroken success, till 2021, was unprecedented and they looked invincible till 2021 when Red Bull, powered by a fiery Honda engine, finally went toe to toe with them. It became clear Mercedes was no longer dominant and blood was in the water.

F1 is a cyclic sport and no team can be dominant indefinitely over the years we can see how it ebbs and flows from season to season and more importantly when regulations go through a major reset. 2026 will be a pivotal year as the regulations reset again and it would appear this is what Lewis is targeting with Ferrari. Ferrari must be throwing everything and the kitchen sink to finally win both long elusive constructors and driver championships, neither of which they have won since 2007 with Kimi Raikkonen.

The Schumacher years, which returned Ferrari to winning ways after lots of fits and starts for a dominant period is what Hamilton must hope to emulate as his swansong to the sport and an unprecedented 8 F1 Driver’s title with Ferrari. In the last 2 years, Ferrari has been a distant second to Red Bull in terms of pure race pace but they are also the only other team to win races apart from Red Bull in the ground effects era.

Ferrari, therefore, for all intents and purposes could give Lewis his last realistic shot to win an 8th F1 Championship if they have a solid plan for the new regulations in 2026. A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to imagine Lewis Hamilton decamping from a Mercedes that had always overdelivered the goods and brought him a ridiculous amount of success.

However, the allure of driving a red F1 car for Ferrari is the dream of all F1 drivers on the grid. There is no automotive brand more synonymous with F1 than Ferrari. Therefore, to win an F1 Drivers title in a Ferrari is essentially the holy grail for any F1 driver and this is exactly what Lewis is aiming for and in the process could emulate the great Michael Schumacher.

The only things that could stand in Lewis’ way include Max Verstappen and Red Bull continue winning unabated with a rapid car and an even more rapid driver. Another thing could be his incoming teammate Charles Leclerc being better than him on the track having been at Ferrari for years and is better embedded there.

There is also Fernando Alonso at Aston Martin, George Russell at Mercedes, and Lando Norris at McLaren all becoming formidable barriers to Lewis’ next F1 title ambitions. We are in for a real treat from 2025 when Hamilton drops the hammer for the Scuderia and we hope this turns out to be the right call for him to rewrite the F1 history books!

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