[New Audio Podcast] Boresha Radio Tanzania Twitter / X Space On Digital Marketing For Self Employment, Entrepreneurship & Business Opportunities.

This is a Twitter / X Space on digital marketing as an alternative form of employment for the youth, personal branding, entrepreneurship, and business opportunities that was hosted last week by Tanzania’s Boresha Radio Station where I was invited to be one of the panelists for the same.

It was my first time being on a Twitter / X Space in Tanzania so it was highly appreciated to do so. I managed to share my insights based on my 25+ years of perspectives as a digital marketing entrepreneur and practitioner as well as a technology blogger.

The main focus of the Twitter / X Space was to provide practical insights on how the youth and others in Tanzania could use digital marketing and social media as a form of employment as well as entrepreneurship given the limited employment opportunities in the market.

If you are not from Kenya, Tanzania, or East Africa where Kiswahili is widely spoken you may not be able to understand all that is being said but the majority of the conversation is conducted in English. I hope you find it to be useful and enlightening as far as all things digital marketing and social media are concerned.

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