Formula 1 Title goes to the wire in Brazil

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton won the China Grand Prix in practically flawless form today taking his wins in the 2008 Formula 1 season to a total of 5. This gives him a total point haulage of 94 compared to Ferrari’s Felipe Massa’s 87, who is still in contention to win the championship after he came in second to Hamilton in China. This is the same gap of 7 points that Lewis had in the 2007 season going into the final race when Ferrari’s Kimi Raikonnen won the Brazilian Grand Prix, and the overall championship. So its somewhat ominous that history is almost exactly repeating itself!

The last race of the 2008 Formula 1 season is set for Sunday the 2nd November at the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paolo. This race will set the stage for the winner of the 2008 championship. It will also be Felipe Massa’s home race and he will no doubt be pushing for a home win with the ever vibrant Brazilian crowd. However, Hamilton needs to only come in 5th on race day to win the championship , even if Felipe Massa wins the race. Such a ragged range of possibilities, its not hard to imagine that both drivers (and their teams) will use every tactic in the book to win the championship with so much at stake. As usual, I’m routing for Hamilton to win so game on with crossed fingers!

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