[New Video] An Extensive Tour of IXAfrica’s State-of-the-Art Hyperscale Data Center In Nairobi with Engineer Titus Buleti.

In this edition of the Pure Digital Passion podcast, we went on an extensive tour of the IXAfrica data center in Nairobi, Kenya, with Titus Buleti who is the Senior Critical Facilities Engineer there. This is the second part of the podcast I did with Snehar Shah who is IXAfrica’s CEO where he shared his vision and plans for IXAfrica data centers in Kenya and beyond. IXAfrica is currently Kenya’s and East Africa’s newest and most advanced hyperscale data center that can serve a broad range of local, regional, and international clientele with world-class offerings.

IXAfrica’s Nairobi data center is located strategically on Mombasa Road and is brimming with the latest and best technologies with a strong focus on sustainability as well as representing a massive investment of US$ 50M. It has a total footprint of 15,587m2 and a significant 6,621m2 dedicated to colocation space, underscoring its capacity to host substantial technology infrastructure.

The data center is also the pinnacle of modern design, boasting an 18.9mW IT power setup with dual supply utility feeds. The integration of 20 backup generator sets ensures reliability with uninterrupted operations even in unforeseen circumstances. Its innovative Autonomous Indirect Air Conditioning (IAC) system, augmented by a variety of water sources, ensures that IXAfrica’s data center operates under optimal environmental conditions, crucial for maintaining the integrity of hosted technologies.

IXAfrica’s capabilities are underpinned by its experienced and visionary leadership team and high-specification infrastructure, designed to meet the complex needs of modern computing. In Kenya’s and East Africa’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, IXAfrica positions itself as more than a data center — it’s a driver of digital transformation. The IXAfrica data center tour really made me appreciate the extreme complexity and attention to detail required to realize a world-class data center facility!

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