[New Video & Audio Podcast] A Conversation With IXAfrica’s Snehar Shah On Kenya’s & East Africa’s Newest & Most Advanced Data Center.

In our latest edition of the Pure Digital Passion podcast, we recently visited IXAfrica, Nairobi’s newest hyper-scale data center located at the very heart of Kenya’s vibrant Silicon Savannah. My engaging conversation with CEO Snehar Shah offered a window into the future of technology in Kenya and the broader East Africa region. IXAfrica, operational since October 2023, is not just a data center; it’s an embodiment of the region’s ambitious push towards the very cutting edge of digital transformation.

A Strategic Location & Size.

IXAfrica stands strategically near Nairobi’s CBD and airport, spanning 17,300 sqm. Its substantial size, with a total footprint of 15,587m2 and a significant 6,621m2 dedicated to colocation space, underscores its capacity to host substantial technology infrastructure. This strategic positioning isn’t just about geography; it’s about integrating into the heart of Kenya’s digital pulse, offering unparalleled access and operational efficiency.

Robust Power & Cooling Systems.

The facility is the epitome of modern design, boasting an 18.9mW IT power setup with dual supply utility feeds. The integration of 20 backup generator sets embodies reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in unforeseen circumstances. The innovative Autonomous Indirect Air Conditioning (IAC) system, augmented by a variety of water sources, ensures that the data center operates under optimal environmental conditions, crucial for maintaining the integrity of hosted technologies.

Commitment To Sustainability.

In my discussion with Snehar Shah, what came to light is IXAfrica’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. The data center’s roadmap includes integrating solar energy, marking a significant stride toward sustainable operations. Their holistic approach to sustainability extends beyond energy, encompassing water and waste management, and a procurement strategy focused on local sourcing. This not only minimizes their environmental footprint but also bolsters the local economy, creating a symbiotic relationship between technology and community, right here in Kenya!

Expansion & Growth.

The vision for growth at IXAfrica is as expansive as its infrastructure. The acquisition of 11 acres for a second data center campus, poised to be a 30MW+ facility, is a clear statement of intent for their ambitious scaling plans. This partnership with Tilisi Developments plc and a $50M investment from Helios Investment Partners are not just a financial endorsement; its a clear path to IXAfrica’s potential to redefine data center services in Kenya and East Africa. This growth trajectory is not just about physical expansion; it’s about elevating East Africa’s standing in the global digital economy.

Technical Excellence & Global Connectivity.

IXAfrica’s capabilities are underpinned by its experienced and visionary leadership team and high-specification infrastructure, designed to meet the complex needs of modern computing. The alliance with the London Internet Exchange (LINX) is particularly noteworthy, as it places IXAfrica on a global connectivity map, ensuring a network that transcends continental boundaries. This global connectivity is crucial for businesses operating in today’s interconnected world, making IXAfrica an indispensable part of the region’s digital ecosystem.

Digital Transformation.

In Kenya’s and East Africa’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, IXAfrica positions itself as more than a data center — it’s a hub for digital transformation. Catering to the needs of cloud computing, digital transformation, and edge computing applications, the facility is not just hosting technology; it’s enabling and accelerating the digital metamorphosis of Kenya and East Africa.


My conversation with Snehar Shah was a deep dive into the ethos and aspirations of IXAfrica. This facility represents more than technological advancement; it’s the leading edge of innovation and progress in the rapidly evolving technology landscape of Kenya and East Africa. It’s a place where technology meets purpose, and ambition meets execution.

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