[New Video & Audio Podcast] EdTech Mondays Kenya November 2023 Edition: Monitoring & Evaluation of Blended Learning Models.

In the November 2023 edition of EdTech Mondays Kenya, we delved into the pivotal topic of monitoring and evaluating blended learning models in Kenya’s educational landscape.

The Shift Towards Blended Learning.

Recently, Kenya has positioned itself at the forefront of integrating technology into education. This transformation aligns with the Ministry of Education’s vision of catering to a technology-driven, globally interconnected economy. Blended learning, which synergizes traditional tools like pen and paper with digital innovations, stands as a testament to this progressive shift.

The Topical Focus.

Our focus was on understanding and assessing the effectiveness of these blended learning models, particularly within the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC). We aimed to shed light on how these models are shaping education in Kenya and what could be improved to benefit all stakeholders.

Panel Discussion Highlights.

We were honored to have insightful contributions from our panelists:

Patrick Munguti from Kenya Connect
Vanessa Obura of Schoolapp
Faith Mutunga, a teacher at Nyaani Primary School

Each panelist brought a unique perspective on blended learning. They discussed their roles, the impact of blended learning on the CBC, and the methods used to measure its success. The conversation touched upon the challenges faced in monitoring and evaluation, gaps in current models, and how these learning methods have enhanced student engagement and performance.

Key Insights.

Challenges in Measurement: Faith shared the real-world challenges of measuring blended learning’s success in her classroom.
Evaluation Mechanisms: Patrick provided insights into the mechanisms in place for ensuring programs meet learning outcomes.
Identifying Gaps: Vanessa highlighted the gaps in current blended learning models and suggested areas for improvement.

Future Directions.

The panelists agreed on the importance of refining monitoring and evaluation methods. They stressed the need for EdTech solution providers to consider these aspects critically to enhance learning experiences.


This enlightening discussion reinforces our commitment to advancing education through technology. I encourage everyone to join this conversation and share your ideas on improving blended learning in Kenya using #EdTechMondays on Twitter.

Watch The Video Below:

Listen To The Audio Podcast Below:

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