[New Video & Audio Podcast] A Conversation with Technology Leader Michael Michie On Ensuring Inclusive AI For Africa.

In a world rapidly embracing artificial intelligence (AI), Michael Michie stands out as a leader of innovation and inclusivity, particularly in the African tech landscape. I had the privilege of conversing with Michie at the recently held CIO 100 Symposium & Awards in Diani, Kenya, where we delved into his remarkable journey and vision for AI in Africa.

From Gaming to AI Leadership.

Michael’s story begins with a childhood fascination with computers and gaming, a passion that ignited his journey in technology. He navigated through various roles, starting as a management trainee at M Oriental Bank and rapidly ascending to become the Chief Information Security Officer. Michael is reputed to be the youngest-ever CIO of a leading corporate enterprise in Kenya and East Africa. His career trajectory is nothing short of impressive, marked by his tenure as the CTO of bluBeetle AI and Solv Kenya, and his transformative work at TripleOKLaw.

Youngest Recipient of the Top 40 Under 40 Men Award.

In 2019, Michael earned the Business Daily Top 40 under 40 Men award, becoming its youngest recipient. This accolade was a recognition of his role in driving digital transformation within the legal industry, showcasing his ability to merge technology with traditional sectors.

Addressing Inclusion and Bias For AI In Africa.

Our conversation took a deep dive into Michael’s concerns about Africa’s current position in the fast-growing and evolving area of generative AI. He pointed out that platforms like ChatGPT, while revolutionary, often exclude African perspectives, leading to biases. Michael is actively working to change this narrative by advocating for an Africa-first approach to AI development.

The Akili Zetu Foundation.

As the founder of Akili Zetu Foundation, Michael is not just talking the talk but walking the walk. His foundation is a passionate testament to his commitment to nurturing AI talent and initiatives in Africa, aiming to bridge the gap in global AI development.

Philosophy and Advocacy.

Beyond his technical prowess, Michael is an advocate for dyslexic thinking and mental health in the workplace. He hosts the podcast ‘Mind and Machine Africa,’ where he discusses these issues, emphasizing the human aspect of technology.

Envisioning an Inclusive AI Future.

Michael’s journey is far from over. He continues to serve on several advisory boards, contributing his expertise to shape the future of AI not just in Africa, but globally. His story is a beacon of inspiration, showing that with passion and determination, one can indeed make a significant impact.

A Leader’s Legacy in African Technology.

Michael’s journey and vision serve as a powerful reminder of the role technology can play in shaping societies. His efforts to bring an inclusive perspective to AI are not just commendable but necessary in ensuring a balanced technological future.

For those interested in delving deeper into Michael’s thoughts and experiences, I invite you to watch and/or listen to our detailed conversation.

Watch The Video Podcast Below:

Listen To The Audio Podcast Below:

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