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More @ CNN vs Ashton Kutcher Twitter Challenge.

Its really hard to believe but the CNN Twitter account racing Ashton Kutcher to 1 million subscribers wasn’t even under CNN’s control sometime last week. This is no-brainer for CNN since by adding more stories to their feed — and links to CNN’s site — could generate hundreds of thousands of extra pageviews per day.

However, as posted earlier today on this blog, the main reason for the acquisition of the Twitter account by CNN is the free notoriety that they stand to gain from the faux challenge by Ashton Kutcher to beat them in crossing the 1 million followers mark – this has never been achieved by anyone to-date on Twitter. Looking at the way that Ashton’s followers are growing at a massive rate, its very possible that he could actually make it, although the gap now is fairly small to the 1 million mark.

Once again, the CNN vs Ashton Kutcher Twitter challenge reinforces my thoughts on the idea on what is fast becoming the age of a “media of one”, enabled by social media on the Internet. I’m really wondering if Kenyan media and media in other  emerging markets are picking this trend up! For more info on the CNN vs Ashton Kutcher Twitter Challenge, have a look at Ashton’s video below:

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