Dotsavvy 3.0 goes live, finally!

In what was probably our most overdue web site project, we finally launched Dotsavvy 3.0 – the working name for our new web site. Dotsavvy 3.0 is the third web site we have implemented in the 6 odd years that we have been in business and probably our most ambitious to-date. 

Dotsavvy 3.0, in terms of design and functionality, is more mature than Dotsavvy 2.0 which was built entirely in flash. Dotsavvy 3.0 has a content management as well linkages to our presence on social media channels such as twitter, google maps, facebook and linkedin.

The content in Dotsavvy 3.0 was basically migrated from Dotsavvy 2.0 but we will be working hard to upgrade the content and expand it substantively in the coming weeks and months. We have also used an upgraded corporate identity which is most notable in our “aqua” version of the Dotsavvy logo to give the site a more “web 2.0” look.

The just retired Dotsavvy 2.0 was our hallmark web site for a good number of years which “worked” and we never really felt compelled to “fix” it – everyone kept saying how much they loved it and it won us loads of business for sure. However, Dotsavvy 3.0 opens up lots of new possibilities and will enable us to really expand our internet visibility and improve our market positioning. Kudos go to the team members at Dotsavvy (who know who they are of course) for delivering Dotsavvy 3.0! Go here to view the site (feedback is most welcome!)

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  1. Albert
    March 20, 2009 at 7:47 am — Reply

    Having gone through Dotsavvy 3.0, its a big improvement. Dotsavvy 2.0 was a bit limiting considering some PCs do not have flash players installed in them. Good work though. Excellent use of colors especially the blending of Blue, Orange and Red. I also noticed you have changed the “How we work” process. In general, the improvements have made the website more user friendly.

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