Brawn GP is the new face of Formula One.

Brawn GP, the new kid on the Formula One block is a revelation of stunning proportions:

  • This is the same team that lost its main backer at the end of 2008 when Honda Motor Racing pulled out of Formula One citing the global economic slow-down.
  • This is the same team that three weeks ago was in serious doubt of making the first race of the season, the 2009 edition of the Australian Grand Prix, which happened today.
  • This is the same team that “down-sized” by reducing its workforce by 250 and had to boostrap massively if it had any chance of making it to the 2009 season.
  • This is also the same team that had no engine supplier when Honda Motor Corporation pulled out and had to go shopping for engines from Mercedes Motor Corporation and then retro-fit them to their 2009 race cars.
  • This is the same team that has conspicuously “sponsor-free” livery on their drivers and cars due to fact that they had no major sponsors until this past Friday, when Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group signed up with them.
  • This is the same team that locked out the front row in the qualifiers yesterday when Jenson Button secured pole position and his team mate Rubens Barrichello took the second spot.
  • This is also the same team that today in an accident prone and safety car riddled Austrailian Grand Prix secured the best possible result possible of having a 1-2 finish with Jenson Button winning and Rubens Barrichello taking the second position.

Brawn GP is nothing less than spectacular to have pulled off such results under truly daunting circumstances. Congratulations to the entire Brawn GP team!

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