Brawn GP 2009 F1 Contender Flies!

I just found out that Brawn GP’s 2009 Formula One contender shocked the paddock at testing in Barcelona this week. The car which is an evolved version of last year’s lackluster Honda F1 car pulled the fastest lap times with Rubens Barrichelo at the wheel! This amazing turnaround owes to fantastic leadership at the helm in the form of former Ferrari Formula One manager Ross Brawn.

Ross Brawn’s experience at Ferrari was expected to come in to full effect at the defunct Honda Formula One racing but instead its happening in his brand new team. I am sure it helps that Brawn GP cars are running engines from McLaren Mercedecs who won the 2008 championship with Lewis Hamilton. Reports already suggest that Brawn GP could take on Renault and Sauber BMW as the third power on the grid. This, of course, remains to be seen but its fun to see the upstarts showing such promise and we’re looking forward to the first race of the season in Melbourne Austrailia to see just how well they can perform!

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  1. Neil
    March 28, 2009 at 2:00 am — Reply

    Hi Moses,

    Is there an F1 Fans Club in Nairobi or a place where F1 fans meet up to watch F1 GP’s together?


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