[New Video & Podcast] Financing Consumer Technology Purchases During Challenging Economic Times In Kenya: A Discussion with NTV Kenya’s Winnie Lubembe, Samsung Kenya’s Rehema Juma & ABSA Bank Kenya’s Pauline Munyoki.

On the morning of Monday the 11th of September 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to join the ‘Your World’ show on NTV Kenya, hosted by the insightful Winnie Lubembe.

In this session, we delved deep into the nuances of navigating the high cost of living in Kenya, focusing on the innovative buy now pay later (BNPL) consumer technology financing partnership between Samsung Kenya and ABSA Bank Kenya.

In attendance, were Rehema Juma from Samsung Kenya and Pauline Munyoki from ABSA Bank Kenya. Here are the highlights of our enriching discussion:

The Inception of a Financing Partnership.
Rehema shared the blueprint of Samsung’s vision behind this partnership. It goes beyond just a business venture – it’s a pathway to empower Kenyans to embrace state-of-the-art technology without the financial strain.

Strategic Advantages Unveiled by Samsung Kenya and ABSA Bank Kenya.
Pauline illustrated how ABSA Bank Kenya’s mobile device financing method unveils a realm of strategic advantages for consumers, especially when eyeing high-end devices like the Samsung Fold and Flip 5.

Why ABSA Bank Kenya Became Samsung Kenya’s Choice.
Rehema narrated the genesis of Samsung choosing ABSA Bank Kenya as a financial partner, weaving technology with adaptable financial solutions, enhancing customer joy, and ushering in a futuristic consumer experience from their Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole credit card and digital financing offering.

A Consumer-Centric Approach.
Pauline enlightened us on how this partnership stands as a beacon of hope amidst economic hardships, offering advantages that transcend traditional purchasing methods, and fostering a win-win situation for Kenyan consumers.

Predicting Market Responses.
Both Rehema and Pauline gave their insights on the potential ripple effect this financing model could have on the market adoption rates for high-end as well as low-end devices, sketching a promising trajectory for the Kenyan tech landscape.

Feedback & Future Prospects.
We also discussed the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from consumers who have availed of this financing option and how it sets the stage for future initiatives, with Pauline hinting at exciting prospects on the horizon.

As we traverse through economically challenging terrains, it’s heartening to witness Samsung Kenya and ABSA Bank Kenya fostering a narrative of financial flexibility and inclusivity in Kenya. Stay tuned as we explore this journey further, promising exciting times ahead for technology enthusiasts and everyday consumers alike. To a future where technology is within everyone’s reach.

Watch The Video Here:

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