Using ChatGPT To Rewrite Billboard Ad Copy That Talks About ChatGPT!

GA Insurance in Kenya has been known for some pretty creative and even risque billboards during the last couple of years. So, it was no surprise they would do something like this one where they talk about ChatGPT which right now is the hottest generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform in the world. 

However, I’m at odds with the copy used since no one tells ChatGPT this but rather would ask or prompt ChatGPT for a suitable answer which ideally would state GA Insurance is the 3rd largest General Insurer in Kenya. 

I couldn’t resist asking ChatGPT 4 this question and given that the data is from 2021 the results show GA Insurance comes in at the 8th position. This may explain why the billboard states someone tell ChatGPT that they are actually the 3rd largest General Insurer in Kenya. 

So, since we are talking about marketing copy and billboards, I asked ChatGPT to come up with some variations of alternative copy for this billboard and the results are actually, quite compelling! 🙂 

  1. Hey ChatGPT, update your records! We’re the 3rd largest General Insurer in Kenya! 
  2. Pop Quiz, ChatGPT! Who’s the 3rd largest General Insurer in Kenya? Ding! Ding! Ding! GA Insurance! 
  3. ChatGPT thinks we’re the 8th latest General Insurer in Kenya? Cute. We’re the 3rd largest, by the way! 
  4. Hey ChatGPT, stop hallucinating! GA Insurance is not the 8th but the 3rd largest General Insurer in Kenya! 
  5. Looks like ChatGPT missed the memo. We’ve climbed to 3rd, not 8th largest General Insurer in Kenya!

Yes, indeed, the machines are coming for us and ChatGPT is the first one on the frontlines! 🙂 

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