Twitter Space Podcast Recording On The State Of Connectivity In Kenya & Its Effect On SMEs.

This is a recording of a Twitter Space that was held on the evening of Thursday the 18th of May 2023 by Liquid Intelligent Technologies in Kenya with the topic ‘The State of Connectivity In Kenya & Its Effect On SMEs’. The Twitter Space was hosted and moderated by Nixon Kanali of TechTrends Media and featured a panel comprising Fiona Ngaruro, Ben Roberts of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, and Moses Kemibaro of Dotsavvy. The Twitter Space was centered on the following;

  • Raise Awareness of the Connectivity Gap in Kenya: Create awareness about the importance of addressing this gap for overall socioeconomic development and how players such as Liquid Intelligent Technologies can help businesses achieve this.
  • Link Advanced Connectivity to Trade and Economic Growth: Illustrate how advanced connectivity is vital for initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and its potential to boost trade across the 54 countries in Africa. Highlight the connection between high connectivity and the growth of SMEs, which are critical for boosting a country’s GDP in which Liquid is playing a huge role.
  • Showcase the Benefits of Advanced Connectivity: Discuss the tangible benefits that advanced connectivity can bring to Kenyan SMEs. Explain how improved connectivity can empower these businesses, enhance their operational efficiency, expand their market reach, and contribute to economic growth.
  • Highlight the Role of Digital Technology in Transforming Lives: Emphasize how embracing digital technology on a wider scale can bring about significant positive changes in Kenyan communities. Showcase real-life examples and success stories that demonstrate the transformative power of connectivity in areas such as education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and access to information.

Have a listen here

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