ESET East Africa Launches Cyber Security Industry Survey In Kenya.

Global cyber security solutions provider ESET® through its local subsidiary ESET E.A has rolled out an industry-wide survey that seeks to establish the State of Cybersecurity in East Africa with the aim of helping industry players understand needs and usage thereby enabling them to plan for future ICT needs and threats. This was brought about by the continued uptake of digital technology, online penetration, and the increase in attacks from online threat actors across the globe.  

The survey seeks to understand the barriers to understanding and uptake of cyber security solutions, and the cost implications of the same at an individual and corporate level. This will help providers understand market needs and package their products and services ideally with the aim of securing client data. With a large number of organizations and individuals adopting cloud computing services, a doorway has been opened for threat actors known as hackers to attempt the pilfering of data. This adoption has led cyber security solution providers to adjust their product offerings to thwart these attacks. 

Speaking at the ESET E.A Partners Baraza hosted recently, Country Director Ken Kimani shared that “there has been an increase in aggressive online attacks by threat actors globally and it is imperative that we understand where cyber security is in Kenya and how best to increase its uptake and thereby secure peoples data which is the new currency today”. He added that “the survey will help all industry players refine their offerings to suite current market demands which we at ESET E.A has begun to implement around our product and pricing”.  

The Partner Baraza took those in attendance through the survey and what it wants to achieve for the industry while showcasing the evolving trends in the market. The trends have necessitated adjustments to the ESET E.A product portfolio, service delivery, and pricing as part of the organization’s mission to protect data securely. The adjustments especially in price have been necessitated by several factors such as an increase in research and design to thwart evolving threats that have necessitated product revisions locally and globally. The Partner Baraza is part of ESET E.A stakeholder engagement initiatives with the aim of better understanding market needs and how best to offer support to ensure business growth and stability.

ESET E.A seeks to offer world-class trusted cybersecurity solutions to protect data and business through subscription pricing for those seeking to tailor their product uptake. With the current state of the global economy, the organization will also offer a host of discounts to help ease the cost of product purchases and renewals. 

To fill in the survey, please use the following link: https://bit.ly/3MAwkXN

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