[Video] Interview with Uhasibu’s Mike Pedersen.

Below is a video interview I had last week with Uhasibu’s Founder Mike Pedersen. Uhasibu is a cloud-based business management app that enables small businesses in Kenya to automate their financials for a monthly low investment of only Kes. 1,000.00. The last time I spoke to Mike, Uhasibu was very much in their launch phase and they were just getting off the ground, so to speak. Well, now, over a year later, I caught up with Mike at last week’s Mobile Web East Africa Conference to find out what sort of progress Uhasibu has made to-date and how they are doing. Probably most impressive is the payroll functionality that has been deployed on Uhasibu which automates the typically painful and tedious payroll process to a very high degree – which I think could become the “killer” feature of the evolving Uhasibu business app. Anyway, enjoy the interview:

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  1. February 26, 2013 at 8:59 am — Reply

    Fantastic achievement, Mike! You have an awesome product. Thanks for the vid post, Moses.

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