[Video] Interview with Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop in Nairobi, Kenya at the mLab.

Below is a brief interview I had with Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop earlier this week at the mLab in Nairobi, Kenya. Mr. Elop was visiting Kenya to talk to Mobile Application Developers as well as bloggers like me. His visit was highly anticipated and the security provided by G4S at the mLab was formidable. I was invited for a bloggers roundtable with him but due to a meeting that ran late I missed the whole thing. However, I was able to jump in to the main media sessions and luckily managed to snag the video clip you can watch below. The media who were present asked about the job cuts at Nokia globally as well as their plans to counter the growing Google Android and Apple iPhone trends, as well as local mobile apps.

I was fortunately able to ask him a couple of questions as he was on a tight schedule at the time and was enroute to the Airport immediately after we finished the media session. My questions were basically what were the plans for Symbian in the next 2 to 3 years considering it was losing market share rapidly on a global scale. I also managed to ask him when we could expect to see Nokia’s Lumia range of Windows Phone devices in Kenya. He was able to answer both my questions succinctly and I certainly got the impression that Nokia has a competent leader in Stephen Elop. Enjoy the video!

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