Barack Obama wins the US Presidential Election!

Senator Obama wins US Presidential ElectionIts official! I’m quite literally numb and excited at the same time! It finally happened! In probably the most significant event in recent American History, It has been announced this morning that Senator Barack Obama has won the much anticipated US Presidential Election.

This outcome, which had largely been expected as Obama’s popularity swept not only the US but also the rest of the world sets a new precedent that is going to undoubtedly change the future of Global Politics.

Obama is the first African American  to achieve the highest office in the world, that of the US President. At the same time, he has demonstrated that anything is possible with the right strategy, message and execution. He has overcome what may have appeared to be insurmountable odds, starting with the fact that he is black, partly of Kenyan-origin, relatively young as a president aspirant and quite inexperienced in the Political Arena. This is exactly the sort of change and hope that the world needs. The status quo has been put to rest. Anything is indeed possible. Congratulations President-Elect Barack Obama! The world is with you in creating the change that we need!

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