Humanity’s Golden Moment.

As I come to the end of this working day, and prepare for tomorrow where in Kenya it will be a public holiday in recognition of Barack Obama winning the US Presidential Election, lots of interesting and exciting thoughts are coursing through my mind. As most of you reading my blog may know, I am a HUGE fan of Formula 1. I am also a HUGE fan of Lewis Hamilton who won the 2008 World Championship this Sunday as not only the youngest ever champion, but also as `the first ever (and currently only) black driver. Lewis Hamilton has literally blown the door off Formula 1 which was previously a white only affair! The racism, criticism, and financial challenges that he and his ever supportive family have experienced on his road to the epitome of motor racing exemplifies winning against all odds. Hamilton’s Cahmpionship win this weekend was perhaps the first sign of a massive seismic shift we are seeing in the status quo of world affairs. Then, less than 3 days later, Barack Obama takes charge of the US Presidential Election in a landslide victory today to become the first black president-elect ever in the United States – the highest office in the most powerful nation in the world! His win is considered a win for the world, for democracy, for minorities, for justice, for fairness and possibly most importantly, for Africa. Obama’s win is truly HUGE. Its hard to say what will change in the coming days, months and years but the future as we know it has already changed into something we could never have predicted only a few years ago.

There is something almost messianic about Lewis Hamilton and Barack Obama winning in two distinctive arenas this week that we’re considered unattainable for black people less than a year ago. This comes at the back of other arenas that over the years have seen black people worldwide overcome the status quo. There is also the rise of other minorities and racially marginalised people achieving exceptional outcomes under truly daunting circumstances. Its as if a new age for humanity is dawning in the world where distinctions like race and religion are giving way to an elightened moment in humanity’s long and troubled history. For sure, something is happening. At first it was subtle, and almost undetectable. Then, its trembled, and wobbled. It became steadier, like a soft hum, a rhythm of its own, finding courage and strength to beat softly at first, and then more confidently, louder and much more defiant. Its as if a small voice started faintly and began to slowly speak steadily, gaining octaves and volume, demanding to be heard. Its as if the world’s consiousness is collectively in harmony. Demanding audience, demanding a new turn, demanding to sit at the table of the old guard and finally having their way, disregarding the status quo. I honestly feel and think that something spiritual and supernatural is happening. Its as if humanity is becoming an enlightened being, transcending an old and tired energy and moving into a new and transformative light. Something unique and truly special is afoot – we should all be excited and uplifted that its happening, finally! The future is indeed bright and anyone can have their time in the sun, whether black, white, or anything else in between. Humanity is at the cusp of a new and glorious age!

As an African, the events of this week fill me with hope but also lots of trepidation. We have seen the impossible happen infront of our very own eyes. We have seen the weak become the strong. We have seen the enemy become the ally. We have seen the unthinkable happen. How therefore can we go back to being the same again? It is time to use this golden moment as the ultimate inspiration – to become far more than what we are today. We must make ourselves and our people accountable to each other. We must aim to become the guiding lights for the world if so many of our own have already shown us the way. Barack Obama is partly of Kenyan-origin and as such any African should see this as a sign that we can become what we truly aspire to be, if we can only dream, act and live the lives that are deserving of us. Lets view this week’s events as a call to action to achieve a higher level of purpose in our African lives and endeavour to transform ourselves for the better, permanently. Lets believe that change is possible if only we are willing to believe our potential and do what is required to make it a reality. I believe this is really and truly possible if we can raise our collective consiousness to be much much more than our current reality shows us. Lets do it! Now! Here! Always! In All Ways!

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