Airtel Kenya Ups The Ante (Once Again) By Launching Unlimited 5G Internet Plans With Free WiFi Routers.

In a bold move, Airtel Kenya has today launched its unlimited 5G internet plans, a game-changer that is set to redefine the digital landscape in Kenya. This move comes on the heels of my recent analysis of Safaricom’s response to Airtel Kenya’s competitive 5G offerings, highlighting the ever-intensifying battle for 5G supremacy in the country.

Earlier in July 2023, Airtel Kenya rolled out its 5G network, signaling a new era of connectivity. Now, with over 470 sites across 221 wards in 32 counties, Airtel Kenya is not just expanding its footprint; it’s revolutionizing how Kenyans experience the internet.

Airtel Kenya’s Unlimited 5G Internet Plans.

The new unlimited 5G plans are a testament to Airtel’s commitment to providing affordable, high-speed internet. These plans are priced attractively as follows:

  1. Kes. 3,500.00 for 10 Mbps.
  2. Kes. 5,500.00 for 30 Mbps.
  3. Ksh 7,500.00 for 50 Mbps.

These unlimited plans are tailored to cater to diverse internet needs, from casual browsing to intensive online gaming and high-speed downloading.

What sets these plans apart is the freedom they offer. Gone are the days of worrying about data depletion. With Airtel Kenya’s 5G, you can stream movies, work on cloud applications, play online games, and browse endlessly without the fear of running out of data.

A Strategic Move in Kenya’s 5G Race.

This development is significant in the context of the ongoing competition in Kenya’s telecom industry. As I shared in my previous post (Did Airtel Kenya Make Safaricom Rethink Its 5G WiFi Service Offerings?), Airtel Kenya’s aggressive strategy in the 5G domain seems to be pushing market leader Safaricom to reconsider its offerings. This competition is not only exciting for technology enthusiasts like myself but is also beneficial for the average Kenyan consumer, who now has access to more affordable and reliable 5G internet services.

The Free WiFi Router — A Sweet Deal!

Adding to the allure, Airtel has made the initial plunge into 5G even more accessible by offering a free WiFi router with no initial purchase investment required. Customers only need to pay for their chosen monthly subscription. This approach not only lowers the barrier to entry for new users but also illustrates Airtel’s confidence in its service quality.

The inclusion of a free power bank/UPS with the router which I have pointed out many times in previous blog posts ensures uninterrupted connectivity and is a thoughtful addition considering frequent power outages in various parts of the country.

Getting Started with Airtel Kenya’s 5G Unlimited Internet Plans.

Embarking on the Airtel Kenya 5G journey is straightforward. Prospective users are advised to visit their nearest Airtel shop, where they will be guided through a physical survey and installation process by a qualified technician. Renewing the 5G Unlimited plans is just as easy, either through the MyAirtel App or by visiting an Airtel Kenya Shop.

The Way Forward For 5G Internet In Kenya.

Airtel Kenya’s latest move with its unlimited 5G plans is more than just a new product offering; it’s a bold statement of intent in Kenya’s frenetic and hyper-competitive telecoms industry. Kenya is on the cusp of a digital revolution with 5G technology poised to transform everything from our daily internet usage to how businesses operate. With Airtel Kenya’s new plans, unlimited internet is no longer a luxury but a tangible, affordable reality for many.

As the competition heats up, it’s thrilling to see how these developments will spur further innovations and how other players in the market will respond. One thing is certain — the future of internet connectivity in Kenya is looking faster, more reliable, and more exciting than ever before. Let’s stay tuned as this technological race continues to unfold.

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  1. Hassan
    December 21, 2023 at 10:53 am — Reply

    I was wondering whether the Airtel 5G Router is any faster (over 4G also) compared to the speeds we get using Airtel data on our phones. Those speeds are low on the phone and certainly when using hotspot – there is significant speed reduction which makes it unsuitable for WiFi and multiple device access at decent WiFi speeds.

    • January 6, 2024 at 6:16 pm — Reply

      I have no idea. I am just about to post a speed test review of Safaricom 5G vs Airtel 5G. Dropping…. 🙂

  2. Adna
    July 5, 2024 at 12:43 pm — Reply

    And how much does it cost to buy airtel 5G snart box

  3. Adna
    July 5, 2024 at 12:44 pm — Reply

    And how much does it cost to buy airtel 5G snart box in airtel shops or dealers?

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