[Videos & Audio Podcast] A Conversation With Laban Cliff On KTN’s The Headhunter Show On Building A Personal Digital Brand, Digital Workforce Management & The Post-Pandemic Digital Workplace In Kenya.

This is a conversation I had with KTN’s Laban Cliff on The Headhunter TV Show in November 2022 where we discussed a broad range of topics around the digital future of work in Kenya and beyond. We talked about my own experiences as the CEO of Dotsavvy in terms of how we had to adapt and change as an organization in how we work due to the COViD-19 pandemic almost 3 years ago when we started working remotely on a full-time basis. We also discussed what changes we had to make in terms of managing our business across the board with a specific focus on recruitment as well as our day-to-day operational aspects as far as our team is concerned including the various productivity platforms and business processes.

Another key aspect of our conversation revolved around the importance of individuals building strong personal digital brands on social media as one of the ways that they can ensure they stand out from the crowd via thought leadership content that can position them as desirable employee candidates for work-related opportunities. This is an area that has become especially important since the onset of the pandemic as everything went digital as far as talent recruitment is concerned for employers of all sizes in Kenya and beyond.

Lastly, we also discussed how important it has become for organizations to become more flexible with their workforce by adopting hybrid and work-from-home policies that are focussed on productivity and not just showing up in person at the office at a time when talent wars have become intense in Kenya! Due to this trend, we talked about how the best talent in Kenya is now being recruited globally with highly competitive packages whilst allowing them to work anywhere they prefer globally. This paradigm shift is changing everything about the current and future workplace practices from a recruitment and human resources management perspective.

Personal Digital Branding & The Digital Future of Work In Kenya On KTN’s The Headhunter – Part 1

Personal Digital Branding & The Digital Future of Work In Kenya On KTN’s The Headhunter – Part 2

Personal Digital Branding & The Digital Future of Work In Kenya On KTN’s The HeadhunterAudio Podcast

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