How To Fix Twitter: 10 Ideas That Could Actually Work Without Elon Musk’s Shenanigans.

I have been ranting and raving like a madman for the last few months on all of my social media platforms about all the shenanigans that Elon Musk has brought to Twitter. This got me thinking that rather than complaining why not actually offer constructive suggestions or ideas that could actually help Twitter succeed, now and in the near future? After mulling over it, here are my ten thoughts on how Twitter can get its sexy back!:

  1. Make Short-Form Video Front & Centre Of The User Experience (UX). TikTok Is Winning The Hearts & Minds Of All Social Media Users With Short-Form Video At Scale So Twitter Needs To Go Fishing Where The Fish Are.
  2. Make Twitter Spaces A Fully Fledged Podcasting Platform For Video & Audio That Can Compete With Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Heck, Go A Step Further & Even Add Music Streaming & Audio Books To Go Head To Head With Spotify & Apple Music.
  3. Bring Back Fleets, Twitter’s Now Defunct Stories Feature. People Like Using Stories So It’s A No-Brainer & I Have No Idea Why Twitter Killed It To Begin With.
  4. Introduce A Digital Wallet That Works With Traditional & Digital Currencies, As Well As Crypto. If This Wallet Can Also Support NFTs And Other Digital Assets Even Better As It Could Act As A Major Onboarding Feature For Web3 Going Forward To Extend Into Virtual & Augmented Reality Metaverses. Think Of A Wallet That Could Become The Next Generation Of PayPal For Web3 — One Wallet To Rule Them All — This Could Be Huge!
  5. Integrate Features & Functionalities For Visual & Video Content Creation Like Canva & CapCut. If The Content Creation Tools Are Really Good That Would Mean Content Creators Could Get Locked Into Twitter Going Forward For The Creation & Publishing Of Digital Content. A Step Further Could Be To Seamlessly Integrate An Influencer Management Platform As Well.
  6. Enable Instant Messaging For Individuals & Groups On Twitter As Is The Case With WhatsApp and Telegram. WhatsApp today has more users than Facebook Globally — Think About That For A Second — This Makes Sense From Every Angle & Will Greatly Increase Dwell Time. In Borrowing A Leaf From WhatsApp, A Twitter Voice Calling Service For Individuals & Groups Would Be Yet Another Essential Service To Create More Stickiness In The App.
  7. Create Native E-Commerce Capabilities For Individuals, Brands, & Businesses On Twitter So That They Can Sell Directly To Customers, Just Like Shopify. Taken A Step Further, This Feature Should Also Include A User-Friendly Way To Add ChatBots & Live Chat For Conversational Commerce On The Platform That Can Also Be Embedded To Third-Party Platforms & Other Social Media.
  8. Figure Out What It Would Take To Add Streaming Live Sports On An Affordable Subscription-Based Model With Key Global Sports Like Football and Basketball. Live Sports Are Huge Globally And One Of The Few Arenas Where Cable And Satellite TV Are Still Somewhat Relevant In A World That Is Increasingly Cutting The Cord In Favour Of Streaming Netflix, YouTube, Etc. Throw In Sports Betting As One Of The Key Features Therein To Generate Even More Revenues As A Result.
  9. Live Streaming Needs To Become A Key Focus Area For Twitter In Their Mobile App User Experience, Possibly As Part Of Twitter Spaces As This Will Definitely Drive Engagement Even Further. In Markets Like China There Are Normal Everyday People Who Have Become Celebrities There Monetizing Live Streams Of Their Daily Lives. Increasingly, What Trends In China From A Consumer Technology Perspective Tends To Become Globally Relevant So This Actually Makes Sense.
  10. Long-Form Blogging Content Integrated With E-Newsletters Has Become A Key Aspect For Platforms Like Linkedin and SubStack. Twitter Until Recently Also Had An E-Newsletter Capability That Got Shuttered By Elon Musk. This Needs To Come Back & Be Integrated Directly Into Twitter’s User Experience As It Will Increase Content Consumption On The Platform Through High-Quality Content Creators & Brands.
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