Video & Audio Podcast: A Conversation With Cellulant’s CEO Akshay Grover On Expanding Digital Payments In Africa At Scale

Akshay Gover is the CEO of Cellulant, arguably one of Africa’s largest and oldest fintechs that is focused on providing a myriad of integrated digital payment services in Africa and beyond. Akshay joined Celluant approximately two years ago at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic during which time the business was undergoing a significant leadership transition with the founders exiting day-to-day management.

Cellulant has a formidable geographical and digital payments footprint across Africa in the many countries where it operates where it connects consumers, businesses, and other stakeholders across its various offerings. During our conversation, Akshay was able to articulate very succinctly where Cellulant has come from, where it is today and where it is going.

It’s quite evident that Cellulant has built an impressive Pan-African digital payments ecosystem that enables businesses of all sizes to acquire and make digital payments at scale in Africa and beyond. Cellulant is connected to a good number of banks, telcos, and digital payment partners like Mastercard which makes them uniquely positioned to be the glue that connects everyone to everything from a payments perspective. This has taken a long time to achieve and our conversation really delves into all the details of what makes Cellulant such a successful fintech in Africa.

Watch The Video Podcast below:

Listen To The Audio Podcast here

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