New Podcast: Mawingu Networks’ CEO Farouk Ramji On Delivering Internet Services To Underserved Markets In Kenya.

Mawingu Networks is an Internet Service Provider or ISP in Kenya that has been operational for approximately a decade that has carved out a niche for serving consumers and organizations in parts of Kenya that have been traditionally underserved by larger and better-known ISPs with unlimited Internet access at an affordable price.

I had the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with Farouk Ramji who is Mawingu Network’s CEO in early October 2022 on a number of different aspects of where Mawingu Networks is today as an ISP business and their plans going forward.

What surprised me is that Mawingu Networks has become a dominant and successful ISP for unlimited Internet in unconventional markets such as Wajir and Nanyuki for its high-quality offerings that are normally delivered wirelessly using mature technologies that actually work well and are easy as well as cost-effective to deploy.

Farouk also shared that Mawingu Networks is currently in the process of raising a substantial funding round that will enable it to expand further and deeper into other underserved markets for unlimited and affordable Internet access throughout Kenya using a ‘flanking’ greenfield strategy as opposed to targeting well-established markets like Nairobi or Mombasa.

Mawingu Networks is steadily building up a formidable position by becoming the de facto ISP for consumers and in particular small and medium-sized businesses or SMEs for its offerings in hitherto markets that have been traditionally seen as being too small for other ISPs in Kenya. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy our chat! @ Audio Podcast: https://bit.ly/3gASGMo YouTube Podcast: https://bit.ly/3SrSPin

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