Bolt Goes Electric For On-Demand Food Delivery Tuk Tuks, Motorcycles & Bicycles In Kenya.

Earlier today, Bolt introduced electric tuk-tuks, motorcycles, and bicycles on its for its food delivery service in Kenya as it expands further into greener transport options. Bolt introduced the Bolt Green Ride category in Nairobi in March 2021 which is comprised of electric and hybrid vehicles that ensure eco-friendly rides and increased access to clean transportation modes. Bolt was the second on-demand transportation business in Kenya to launch electric vehicles in Kenya after NopeaRide in 2017 which uses only electric vehicles in their fleet.

In going electric for more of their on-demand transportation services, Bolt is effectively reducing its environmental footprint whilst fulfilling the demand for light, smart and green modes of transport. This also helps Bolt limit the impact of ever increasing fuel costs in Kenya which are currently the most significant operating cost for drivers and couriers. To put this into context, it just means that Bolt’s transportation partners can save money by going electric whilst increasing their profit margins at the same time – this is a compelling rationale!

Bolt first entered into the tapped into on-demand food delivery business in March 2021 during the rise of the third wave of the COVID–19 pandemic when the country was locked down. Bolt Food and has since seen tremendous growth oil Nairobi by giving their customers access to a wide range of restaurants and menus, putting them directly in competition with other market players like UberEATS, Glovo and Jumia Food. However, Bolt Food is the only on-demand delivery service in Kenya that is using at electric powered vehicles as of this writing.

Going forward, Bolt plans to expand the new electric-powered tuk-tuks, motorcycles, and bicycles into other aspects of their on-demand delivery services which they intend to use as a means of creating more economic opportunities for their couriers whilst providing their customers with more options to choose from. One thing that has made Bolt successful in Kenya is their competitively priced transportation services that have seen them go head-to-head, as well as toe-to-toe with the Uber behemoth.

As electric transportation becomes globally popular, it’s great to see Bolt as one of the major on-demand transportation players leading the way in Kenya and globally!

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