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I recently had the opportunity to have two fiber to the home (FTTH) Internet connections. These are the Zuku 8Mbps Internet connection which I have had for over 2 years (and has subsequently been upgraded to 10Mbps for new customers) and a Jamii Telecom (JTL) Faiba 5Mbps internet connection which

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In late June 2009, it was announced in the media that the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) had received US$ 2 Million from the European Union (EU) to market Kenya as a travel destination on CNN. US$ 2 Million is a substantial amount of money by any measure – but its

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On the 28th of May 2009, Microsoft finally soft launched its Bing search engine. Everyone has been waiting to see if Bing (formerly code-named Kumo) would have anything special to offer in the way of search since as we all know Google has been the leading search engine for ages,

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