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By all measures, 2009 was a very key year for the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector in Kenya. Its hard to believe so much happened in a relatively short period of time that will be massively define ICT in Kenya for the coming years.  In a nutshell, and in

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I am appalled. Nakumatt Holdings, the behemoth that is one of East Africa’s largest retail businesses has failed to have internet crisis communications via its web site. It is now 3 days since the Nakumatt Downtown fire tragedy that now has a confirmed death toll of approximately 40 people. However,

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Earlier this evening, President Mwai Kibaki signed into law the (seemingly?) controversial Communications Amendment Bill 2008. This breaking story has been captured online at the both the Daily Nation and East African Standard web sites. The Bill has been signed even as Kenyan Media, in particular, and Kenyans, in general,

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