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For a moment there, I thought that all the Safaricom 3G promotions, Orange Kenya Internet cornucopia, Zain Internet splurges and KDN Butterflies had all but exhausted the rush for low cost Internet for the Kenyan consumer. Clearly, I was wrong! This week Zuku has lowered its Internet packages’ pricing considerably!

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Its been announced today that Microsoft and Yahoo have signed a 10 year Internet search partnership deal. The press release has lots of intricate details on how the Yahoo and Microsoft search partnership will work together but the biggest aspect of the deal is that Bing will become the default

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Is this a knee jerk reaction? Or a well thought out plan to improve security and reduce crime in Kenya? To be honest I have no idea but the directive issued yesterday by President Mwai Kibaki that all mobile users in Kenya have to register their mobile SIM cards, by

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