[New Video & Audio Podcast] Janice Kemoli’s Key Principles For Achieving World-Class Marketing & Branding In Kenya & Africa.

In this episode of the Pure Digital Passion podcast I had the privilege of hosting Janice Kemoli, a seasoned Kenyan Marketing and Branding Advisor whose impressive career spans leading businesses such as Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, GSK, Barclays Bank (ABSA), East African Breweries (Diageo), Equity Bank, and most recently Prudential Insurance. Janice and I go way back to our days at Africa Online, one of Kenya’s pioneering Internet Service Providers over 20 years ago. Her journey and insights are nothing short of inspiring!

An Educational Marketing Journey From The US To Kenya & Beyond 

Janice shared her story of pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a focus on marketing in the US. She described the challenges she faced, including tackling subjects like calculus and accounting, which were essential parts of the program. Despite initial intentions to stay in the US, she returned to Kenya after a thoughtful rejection from a potential employer encouraged her to leverage her skills back home.

Breaking Into Marketing & Branding

Upon returning to Kenya, finding a job proved challenging. Janice recounted how her mother didn’t initially understand what a career in marketing entailed, thinking it was the same as sales. However, with support from her father and determination, she landed her first role as a at Colgate Palmolive that led to her becoming a Brand Manager. This position allowed her to hone skills beyond traditional marketing, including financial projections, supplier collaboration, and packaging — emphasizing that all these tasks are integral to marketing when aligned with the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Advanced Marketing At Global Brands

Janice’s time at Coca Cola in South Africa was particularly enlightening. She shared anecdotes about the high-quality marketing and branding training provided at tertiary schools there, which often produces some of the best marketing professionals in Africa. Her experiences highlighted the structured and advanced approaches to marketing that she learned and implemented at Coca Cola and other global brands.

Creating A Unique Branding Framework

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Janice networked with senior marketing professionals globally and clarified her thoughts on the gaps in branding and marketing for indigenous Kenyan and African businesses. This led to the creation of a unique branding framework, which she currently deploys with leading businesses like Sarit Centre and Prudential Insurance, aligning with global standards she learned at top global brands.

The Importance of The 4Ps In Marketing & Branding

Janice provided a quick summary of why the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) matter:

  • Promotion: The role of communication is to create desire.
  • Product: The role of the product is to define the offer and benefits for the customer or consumer.
  • Place: The role of distribution is to make the product available or place the product at the convenience of the customer or consumer.
  • Price: The role of pricing is to define the value of your offer to the customer or consumer and bank the cheque.

Getting Mentorship & High-Quality Local Brands

Janice emphasized the importance of mentorship for aspiring and existing marketing professionals to enhance their capabilities. She also discussed the creation of high-quality local brands to international standards, citing the Social House Hotel in Nairobi as an example of a world-class, afrocentric experience that reflects the social personalities of its founders.


I am delighted that Janice shared her incredible journey in branding and marketing from both global and localised perspectives as well as the insights that come with decades of working experiences at leading organisations. Her dedication to advancing marketing and branding in Kenya and beyond is truly inspiring. To our audience, I hope this episode offers valuable insights into the power of strategic marketing and branding for organisations of all sizes. 

Watch The Video Podcast Below: 

Listen To The Audio Podcast Below: 

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