[New Video & Audio Podcast] Enhancing Customer Experience, Operations & Claims Processing For Insurance In Kenya With AI & ML.

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion titled “Revolutionizing Insurance with AI and ML: Practical Pathways for Product and Operational Excellence.” on the 9th May 2024 at the joint Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) and Caava VantagePoint AI/ML Insurance Seminar that was held at the Emara Ole-Sereni Hotel in Nairobi. 

The panel featured industry experts from leading companies who shared their insights and experiences on how AI and ML are transforming the insurance landscape. Our panel featured Hillary Murefu from Safaricom, Bente Krogmann from MTek Services, Harrison Muiru from Smart Application, and Martin Kiarie from SolvIT.

Key Discussion Points. 

  1. Innovative Approaches to Customer Experience: We explored specific technologies implemented to enhance direct customer interactions. For instance, Hillary Murefu highlighted Safaricom’s use of AI-driven customer service and data analytics to improve customer satisfaction and engagement.
  2. Enhancing Policy Personalization: Bente Krogmann discussed the role of data analytics in creating tailored insurance products at MTek Services. We also addressed the delicate balance between personalisation and privacy concerns.
  3. Streamlining Operations with AI/ML: Harrison Muiru shared how Smart Application has transformed operational processes, particularly in claims processing and risk assessment, leading to significant cost reductions and increased service efficiency.
  4. Navigating Risks and Ethical Considerations: Martin Kiarie outlined strategies SolvIT uses to maintain data security and privacy in their AI/ML deployments. We also delved into maintaining transparency and ethical standards in automated systems.


The discussion highlighted how AI and ML are not just buzzwords but practical tools driving significant improvements in Kenya’s and East Africa’s insurance sector. From enhancing customer experiences to operational efficiencies, the potential of these technologies is immense. However, as we continue to innovate, it is crucial to address the associated challenges and ethical considerations to ensure sustainable and responsible use of AI/ML in insurance locally , regionally, and globally. 

Watch The Video Below: 

Listen To The Audio Podcast Below: 

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