How Fast Is JTL Faiba’s Home Internet Service On A Dual-Band Router?

A few weeks ago I shared a post here about a router upgrade that I had gotten from Jamii Telecommunications (JTL Faiba) for my home Internet service. I had been on their old(er) single-band router for over a decade and it was high time for an upgrade given that even though my home Internet service was rated for 40 Mbps, the router was probably a big constraint to realizing the full speed on my digital devices at home.

Just to clarify, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with a single-band router relative to a dual-band router except that the latter supports two bands of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz whereas a single-band router uses only the 2.4GHz frequency, which has slower speeds. Using a single-band router, you may experience frequent lags, interferences, limits in speed, and connection issues. However, a dual-band router offers more flexibility and avoids interferences, connection issues, and stability problems.

So, back to the question at hand, which is, ‘How fast is JTl Faiba’s Internet service when using their dual-band router when it operates on the 5GHz frequency?’. Pretty fast, apparently!

As you can see in the image on this post, using a standard speed test, the slowest download speed I got was 284Mbps whereas the fastest speed I got was 370Mbps. I have to confess that this was shocking since I had never experienced such speeds on the old(er) and single-band router. However, in terms of upload speeds, the slowest was 37Mbps and the fastest was 43.6Mbps. Not bad at all, to be honest!

In a nutshell, this confirms that whether you are using JTL Faiba for your home Internet service or any other Internet Service Provider (ISP) for that matter you want to ensure you upgrade from a single-band to a dual-band router that supports the 5GHz frequency so that you can be assured getting all the bandwidth available from your Internet connection. It’s completely worth it!

Also, just to be clear, this is NOT a sponsored post and I simply wanted to share the obvious benefits from an Internet speed perspective of moving from a single-band to a dual-band router 🙂

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