[New Video & Audio] From Physics To 5G: A Journey Through Telecommunications with Michael Onyango 🚀

In this episode of the Pure Digital Passion podcast 🎙️, we had an in-depth conversation with Michael Onyango, an accomplished practitioner in Kenya’s 🇰🇪 and Africa’s telecommunications sector 🌍. Michael has had an illustrious 20+ years career that has spanned telecommunications giants like Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, and now Baicells Technologies 📱.

Michael shared his extensive journey from academia 🎓 to the forefront of 5G innovation 📡. Join us as Michael shares insights from his early days in Kenya, his educational pursuits in Telecommunications, Physics, and 5G Technology, to his current role as the Business Development Manager at Baicells Technologies where he’s driving 5G deployment and connectivity initiatives 🌐.

Highlights from our conversation include:

Early Inspirations: Michael traces his roots back to Kenya, discussing how his upbringing and early exposure to technology fuelled his passion for telecommunications 🔌.

Academic Foundation: He emphasizes the role of his education in shaping his career, from Kenyatta University to the University of Nairobi and finally to IIT Roorkee 📚.

Professional Odyssey: Michael provides a walkthrough of his career, the evolution of his roles, key learnings, and the impact he has made in the telecommunications industry 💼.

5G and Beyond: Delving into the specifics of 5G technology, discussing the challenges, opportunities, and the future of telecommunications 🌟.

Vision for the Future: Michael shares his perspective on emerging technologies like IoT and Machine Learning, career advice for aspiring professionals, and his personal goals for the future 🔭.

Michael Onyango’s extraordinary journey speaks to the power of passion, education, and resilience in navigating the dynamic telecommunications landscape 💪. His insights not only shed light on the technical intricacies of cutting-edge technologies like 5G networks but also may inspire a new generation to explore the boundless possibilities within the field 🌈.

As we conclude this enlightening conversation, we extend our gratitude to Michael for his invaluable contributions and look forward to the continued evolution of telecommunications technology in Kenya, Africa, and beyond 🌍.

Watch The Video Below 📺:

Listen To The Audio Below 🎧:

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