[New Video & Audio] DX5’s The Year Ahead 2024 Virtual Event: The Future of Work In A Generative AI World With Moses Kemibaro.

In this presentation for the DX5 The Year Ahead 2024 Virtual Event, I shared my thoughts about the future of work in a world where everything will be impacted by Generative AI. I focussed primarily on the area of digital marketing based on my 20+ years of experience as the Founder & CEO of Dotsavvy, one of Kenya’s and East Africa’s first digital marketing agencies.

I explained the key steps that organizations need to take to make Generative AI work for them starting with a detailed audit of their current business processes and technology platforms to understand where they are first before starting to explore how they can start closing gaps using Generative AI-based solutions. Ultimately, the goal for organizations is to use Generative AI to become more creative, productive, efficient, and effective in meeting their mandate on a day-to-day basis.

In addition, I also shared what I call the FESSBeC benefits framework for Generative AI. FESSBeC is an acronym for Faster, Easier, Simpler, Smarter, Better, and Cheaper. The idea is that FESSBeC encapsulates the key drivers for Generative AI for organizations to be more successful and sustainable in the very disruptive future of work that will be largely enabled by Generative AI.

I also explained a quote I developed around Generative AI being, ‘Don’t give a human a robot’s job’. This quote for me is essentially a call to action for organizations to seriously review how they operate on an end-to-end basis and see how they can automate business processes and technology platforms where possible and free up their human resource to focus on more strategic and impactful work.

Finally, I also shared my predictions for 2024 in terms of how Generative AI will impact businesses and the workplace with a primary focus on digital marketing scenarios. This looked at all areas from digital strategy formulation, creative design, content creation, software development, digital advertising, and finally digital analytics and reporting. I hope you enjoy watching or listening to this presentation.

Watch The Video Below:

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