[New Video & Audio] A Conversation with BizTalks’ Maina Chege On The Impact of Generative AI On Kenya’s Business Landscape & The Future of Work.

This is a conversation I had with Maina Chege on BizTalks recently where we spoke at length about the implications of Generative Artificial Intelligence or AI on the business landscape in Kenya. At the same, we delved into many of the scenarios where Generative AI is already upending the status quo with massive repercussions.

One such instance that we touched on is in marketing where many leading brands and organizations in Kenya are using AI-generated creative assets for their advertising campaigns to the detriment of stakeholders like film producers, graphic designers, professional photographers, actors, models, makeup artists, and others who would normally be employed for such work.

In addition, we also explored how AI has already become significant in medical diagnosis where it’s lowering the cost of service delivery exponentially but also improving the quality of outcomes with live-saving value addition by improving the work of Doctors.

One thing that was clear in our conversation is that AI will have a long-term impact on business and the future of work in Kenya in a myriad of scenarios and everyone must realize that they need to prepare for this inevitability.

I hope you enjoy watching or listening to all that we covered in this insightful conversation on all things AI in BizTalks!

Watch The Video Below:

Listen To The Audio Below:

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