[New Video & Audio Podcast] The Future of Food in Kenya & Africa: Technology, Tradition, & Transformation with Ando Foods’ Founder & CEO Asif Khan.

In the latest episode of Pure Digital Passion, I had the pleasure of hosting Asif Khan, the founder and CEO of Ando Foods. Asif’s journey is a remarkable tale of cultural richness, culinary innovation, and technological integration.

A Recipe Across Generations & Continents.

Asif shared the heartwarming story of Ando’s famed Chicken Biriyani from their Khan’s brand, a recipe lovingly passed down from his Pakistani mother. This dish is not just a meal; it’s a story of heritage and tradition, blending flavors across continents.

An Educational Japanese Journey & Its Influence.

Asif’s transformative educational experience in Japan played a pivotal role in shaping his perspectives on design, photography, and film production. His experiences from Osaka offer a glimpse into the interplay of education and entrepreneurship.

The Strategic Birth of Ando Foods.

Asif recounted the strategic patience and planning behind Ando Foods’ inception, a journey that began after his tenure at Java House Africa and navigating a non-compete clause. This story is a masterclass in strategic business planning with bootstrapping and a relentless focus on culinary excellence and delightful customer experience.

Rapid Expansion & Technology Integration.

The explosive demand for Ando’s culinary delights led to a swift scale-up from his kitchen at home with his mother doing all the cooking at the start to a fully-fledged culinary enterprise that grew out of the COVID-19 pandemic period. Asif delved into the use of AI and machine learning in streamlining their operations, exemplifying innovation at its best.

Digital Marketing & Customer Experience.

Asif’s deep dive into digital marketing and his role in enhancing customer experiences in the hospitality industry is both insightful and inspiring. His journey demonstrates the power of digital transformation in traditional industries with the potential to massively scale up from just one to eight culinary brands as of this writing.

Future Aspirations and Expansion Plans.

Ando Foods’ vision extends beyond Nairobi and Cape Town, aiming to transform the culinary landscape in major African cities like Lagos and Kampala in the near future. The launch of their new mobile app is set to revolutionize how customers interact with their diverse culinary offerings.

A Special Offer From Asif & Ando!

As a token of appreciation for our audience on the Pure Digital Passion podcast, Asif has provided an exclusive discount code ‘PDPANDO’. Use this on the Ando Foods mobile app to enjoy a special discount of Kes. 500.00 on your next order!

Join the Culinary Revolution.

Asif Khan’s story with Ando Foods is more than a tale of business success; it’s a narrative that weaves together culture, technology, and passion. His journey from learning in Japan to joining Kenya’s banking sector and finally to the pinnacle of Kenya’s and Africa’s culinary scene is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts alike.

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