Kenya’s Supa Loaf Marketing Campaign Featuring Repurposed AI-Generated Creative Raises Serious Questions On Intellectual Property.

I love my marketing WhatsApp groups in Kenya! As of yesterday morning, the latest topic of contentious concern and discussion is how a generative AI creative has been repurposed by Super Loaf for a billboard as seen in this post.

The obvious issue here is an ‘original’ AI creative (if there is ever such a thing in AI-generated creative!) that was clearly done by someone else previously and has been repurposed, more or less verbatim it seems, for their marketing campaign.

So, the caveat here is whether this AI creative was purchased online from the ‘AI Artist’ directly, or via a platform like Shutterstock, or, if it was simply appropriated ala ‘cut and paste’ from the Internet, at no cost, for this purpose.

What’s clear is that generative AI is having its Wild Wild West moment, at the minute, where anything goes until regulations and laws can catch up where intellectual property is concerned. There will be interesting days ahead when the lawsuits start flying left, right, and center! 😂

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