Customer Experience Is The Future of All Businesses.

Customer experience is the future of all businesses. Let me say it again, customer experience is the future of all businesses!

Whether this means simply writing down customer preferences using pen and paper for their next visit to your hotel or restaurant with no technology at all, or, employing the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) features within a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, being obsessed with what translates into a great customer experience or CX can be the difference between success and failure.

Knowing what can and typically will delight customers based on some level of insight is priceless in the battle for business success. Customers typically expect moderate or even mediocre levels of service in most instances so when your business or brand can take this to the next level it’s a game changer!

I’d like to therefore bring to your attention KLM’s Flying Blue loyalty program which I have not used in ages. I signed up courtesy of KLM’s long term affiliation with Kenya Airways (KQ) which ended in June 2023 when KQ launched their own loyalty program, Asante Rewards.

In my opinion, for the longest time, Flying Blue was something of a raw deal for KQ since KLM effectively knew more about their customers than they themselves did. So, it goes without saying that Asante Rewards was the right play by KQ to build their own loyalty program that they could use to great effect going forward to acquire and retain customers.

However, 6 months on, we can see that KLM has leveraged data to know it’s my birthday today and sent me an e-card to this effect. In addition, to this pleasant surprise, that has released all sorts of good emotional feelings in me, they have also offered me a monetary incentive to book a flight with them using my still active Flying Blue membership. KLM has not forgotten me – they aim to keep me flying with them even if the KQ affiliation on Flying Blue is null and void. Never leave money on the table!

From this customer experience, who do you think I will be considering when I need to fly somewhere that could possibly have a KLM or Flying Blue affiliation? Meanwhile, I’m looking over at KQ and wondering what’s up as Asante Rewards hasn’t done the same for me. Customer experience is the future of all businesses! That is all. Have great day ahead 🙂

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