[New Video & Audio Podcast] The Journey To Achieving World-Class Customer Experience with NCBA Group’s Elizabeth Okomba.

In a captivating new episode of the Pure Digital Passion podcast, I had the honour of engaging with Elizabeth Okomba, the dynamic Deputy Director and Group Head of Customer Experience at NCBA Group. Our conversation wasn’t just a deep dive into customer experience (CX) strategies; it was a narrative of exceptional leadership and innovation, especially in the wake of NCBA’s recent accolades at the ICX awards and Elizabeth’s personal triumph in CX leadership.

Elizabeth’s journey at NCBA began with her pivotal role as the merger lead between NIC Bank and Commercial Bank of Africa. She shared fascinating insights into the complexities and triumphs of this landmark merger, laying the foundation for a transformative approach in customer experience.

As we delved deeper, Elizabeth outlined the comprehensive CX strategy she championed. This strategy, intrinsically linked to NCBA’s overarching vision, showcased her pioneering approach to leadership. She highlighted the significance of a solid governance framework and how customer feedback became the cornerstone of their service evolution.

Our discussion took an intriguing turn when we touched upon the digital innovations spearheaded by Elizabeth. Her efforts in revamping the contact center and integrating advanced CRM systems were not just about digital transformation but about fostering agility and a deep-rooted responsiveness to customer needs.

A central theme of our talk was Elizabeth’s commitment to cultivating a culture of customer-centricity at NCBA. Their customer promise, “We Know You, We Back You, We Will Wow You,” goes beyond mere words, reflecting a genuine ethos that resonates through every employee’s work ethic.

Elizabeth also shed light on the metrics that underscored their success. The implementation of her strategies led to measurable improvements in customer satisfaction, as evidenced by NCBA’s soaring Net Promoter Scores and a significant reduction in call volumes.

Adding to this, the recent accolades at the ICX awards where NCBA clinched three awards, and Elizabeth’s recognition for CX leadership a few weeks ago, underscore the remarkable impact of their customer-focused initiatives.

As we concluded, Elizabeth shared her visionary outlook for the future of customer experience at NCBA and in the broader banking industry. Her dedication to ongoing innovation and excellence paints a bright future for customer experience in Kenya and Africa.

This episode is an essential listen for those intrigued by the intersection of technology, leadership, and customer experience. Elizabeth Okomba’s journey with NCBA Group is a testament to the power of strategic foresight and customer-centric innovation in shaping the future of banking.

Don’t miss this enlightening episode. Listen in for a journey through the realms of customer experience excellence with one of the industry’s most influential leaders.

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