[New Video & Audio Podcast] Kenya Domain Name System (DNS) Forum 2023 Panel Discussion On Monetizing Domain Names.

This was a panel discussion on monetizing domain names at the Kenya Domain Name System (DNS) Forum on the 2nd November 2023 that featured Mbugua Njihia, Venture Builder and Entrepreneur with me, Moses Kemibaro, the Founder & CEO of Dotsavvy, moderated by Gitau Muraguri, the Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) Marketing Manager.

In the discussion, we delved into a lively conversation on the past, present, and future of domain names looking at it from both a local and international perspective. It was clear that domain names have massive potential for monetization if looked at from unconventional approaches. It is not enough to simply register a domain name but rather attaching utility to it such as a website or email address is what gives it its true value.

In our conversation, we also talked about the opportunity to create secondary markets for .KE domain names would enable domain name buyers and sellers to trade in their domain names so as to realize financial returns based on their real or perceived value in the same way that people in Kenya often buy and sell real estate.

In this context, we also explored the very real risks around domain names when it comes to brand equity and misuse where domain names can be registered by bad actors for ulterior motives too, and how KeNIC’s dispute resolution mechanisms make this manageable. The reality is that as much as there are probably many untapped opportunities for domain name monetization there are also many inherent risks too.

Finally, we also looked at the merits of .KE domain names in ways that other top-level domains (TLDs) cannot compete such as the ability to secure preferred domain names easily due to their availability, affordability, and also the fact that Kenyan consumers, brands, and organizations are increasingly gravitating towards .KE domain names as a way of enhancing their monetization potential.

Watch The Video Below:

Listen To The Audio Podcast:

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