[New Video & Audio Podcast] A Conversation with Africa Data Centres’ Dan Kwach On The Changing Landscape of Data Centres in East Africa.

As the digital revolution continues to reshape industries across the globe, East Africa has emerged as a hotspot for world-class data centre solutions, led by industry giants like Africa Data Centres (ADC). During the recent International Telecoms Week Africa (ITW Africa) held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi, I had the distinct pleasure of conversing with Dan Kwach, the Managing Director for ADC in East Africa. His insights into the trajectory of data centres in the region were nothing short of enlightening.

A Glimpse into the Past

Dan’s journey in the data centre realm is deep-rooted, tracing back to his days at Kenya Data Networks (KDN) before its acquisition and evolution into what is now known as Liquid Intelligent Technologies. His hands-on experience with Kenya’s first Carrier grade Commercial Data Center allowed him unparalleled expertise in Project Management, Business Case Development, and Product Development, shaping the commercial strategy of data centres in the region.

ADC: At the Helm of Data Solutions in Africa

ADC stands tall as Africa’s largest network of interconnected carrier- and cloud-neutral data facilities. With over 50 carriers calling ADC home, including significant internet exchanges such as JINX, CINX, and KIXP, ADC has positioned itself as a pivotal player in the data storage and security sector.

Businesses, today, understand the paramount importance of choosing the right location for their critical data. ADC has made this decision easier, bringing global competencies to local markets, ensuring rapid and secure data centre services spanning the African continent. With facilities that are constructed and operated up to the highest global standards, ADC offers businesses, big or small, unparalleled peace of mind.

ADC’s NBO1 Nairobi Data Centre: A Jewel in East Africa

Located strategically at Sameer Industrial Park, Nairobi, ADC’s NBO1 is the most connected data centre in East Africa. Not only does it offer access to carriers across Kenya, but it also provides vital fibre routes to a plethora of East African nations. The Nairobi facility stands as a testament to ADC’s commitment to excellence, being the first in East Africa to receive a Tier III certification from the esteemed Uptime Institute and the region’s first to be PCI DSS Certified.

Economic Upliftment and Sustainable Growth

ADC’s vision extends beyond mere business objectives. Recognizing the transformative power of digitization, ADC is resolute in uplifting the economies of Kenya and its neighbours. Sustainability remains at the forefront of ADC’s operating strategy. Their water-free policy at the Nairobi hub and the adoption of solar power highlight their commitment to a green future.

Final Thoughts

As East Africa continues to navigate the digital waters, it is heartening to see institutions like ADC leading the charge. Dan Kwach’s rich history and insights into the sector are a testament to the region’s immense potential and the bright digital future that awaits.

Watch The Video Or Listen To Audio Podcast Below:

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